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Men after God’s Heart

1 Samuel 16:11-12 The man after God’s heart is usually a title associate with David. How can David, the man who usurped another person’s wife, be after God’s heart? How can this man who danced naked be after God’s heart? How can this man whose son Absalom, a treacherous and vengeful individual, be after God’s heart? How can this womaniser […]

Spiritual Motherhood for Missionaries

You may ask yourself who a missionary is……. The first thought that is likely to come to mind is someone going abroad to preach the Gospel through a specific church apostolate. It is true but a missionary is not limited to that idea alone. To be a missionary means you have been given a task to do, to accomplish and […]

Bresillac and the Spirituality of Doggedness

John 1:35-42/ Matthew 15:21-28 My favourite quote from Bresillac is the following. “My work will live as long as there is willingness to continue it and you will be this willingness”. I have seen this in many of the success stories of SMA engagement in mission. For every achievement you celebrate out there, you can not underestimate the power of […]


Luke 10: 38-42 What do you see? I want you all to share what you see in the letters before you. The difference in what you see before you is space. Where you place the space is what gives meaning to the letters. We all need space for meaning in our lives. Spaces delineate the boundaries of our lives. Depending […]

Three Kinds of Men

Luke 6:6-11 (Richard Rohr) How many characters can you identify in this story? Which of them are you? I can readily identify three categories of persons in this story. The man with the withered hand, the scribes and Pharisees, and Jesus. The Man with the Withered Hand: He typifies dysfunctional men. Did you observe that the scripture paid attention to […]