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Ten Means Necessary To Grow In The Spiritual Life

Ten Means Necessary To Grow In The Spiritual Life

To implement in the home

  1. Have a Rule of Life
  • With fixed times for rising/praying/retiring
  1. Meditation
  • Conversing with God interiorly – 15-30 mins daily
  1. Spiritual Reading
  • To spur us on in the spiritual life – 15 mins daily
  1. Daily Examination of Conscience
  • Reviewing the thoughts, words & actions
  1. Attention Daily Duties
  • Stay focused on the duty of the moment
  1. Penance & Mortification
  • 3-4 penances daily to keep the will in control
  1. Practice of the Presence of God
  • Remembering God’s presence and uniting to Him throughout the day
  1. Fervent Communions
  • Make devotion/thanksgiving-filled Communions
  1. Frequent Confessions
  • Twice monthly – Also, have true repentance in the will before Confessions
  1. Devotion to Our Lady
  • Rosary daily– Three hail Mary’s daily

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